Help President Trump shine a light on the DC swamp!

The DC swamp does not want to be drained!

That’s why big government union bosses are preparing to spend millions of their workers’ money to get government-loving leftists like AOC and Elizabeth Warren elected in 2020.

It’s crooked, it’s shady, and it’s done oftentimes WITHOUT the workers’ knowledge.

Thankfully President Trump is standing with America’s workers and trying to expose these crooked union bosses and the political games they play with their workers’ money.

But he won’t succeed without your help.

That’s why the FreedomWorks Foundation is asking you to submit a formal comment to the Department of Labor. Urge them to shine a light onto these swampy government unions and support the president’s proposed rule.

For more information about this proposed rule please read "New Trump Administration Proposal Would Bring Transparency to Corrupt Unions" by FreedomWorks Foundation's Daniel Savickas below.

Certain high-level private sector unions have to submit financial disclosure documents to ensure that members’ dues are spent properly and to identify any irregularities. However, intermediate level public sector unions are not required to do so. It is altogether possible these organizations are used by the larger ones to facilitate improper activity or to carry out political work without the members’ knowledge.

This is flatly unacceptable, especially when you consider that 23 states still do not have a right-to-work law. American workers should not be forced to pay into these unions and then be refused the ability to hold them accountable.

Right-to-work laws are those authorized by the Taft-Hartley Act of 1947. They stipulate that union membership may not be a condition of employment, nor can non-union members be forced to contribute to unions. Workers in 23 states still do not enjoy these very basic protections. Transparency is the least they can ask for under the circumstances.

The Trump administration Department of Labor, under the leadership of Secretary Eugene Scalia, is working to deliver that transparency. There is an open public comment period where activists can voice their support for this important change. The comment period expires on February 18th.