Urge Sec. Rick Perry to Bring Back Fast Dishwashers!

Dishwashers used to clean a full load of filthy dishes in under an hour. But now they take an average of two and a half hours and STILL leave dishes dirty!

All thanks to crazy environmentalist rules. Energy Secretary Rick Perry can pass new rules that would change that, but he needs to hear from you!

Submit a formal comment to the Department of Energy now. Tell them you support this new rule. Tell them to bring back fast dishwashers!

Federal regulations are the reason why today’s dishwashers are so slow. Dishwashers used to take only an hour to wash and dry a full load. Now they take an average of almost 2½ hours!

Why? Because Energy Department rules limit how much energy and water they can use. The result? Today’s dishwashers do a lousy job that takes forever.

But the Competitive Enterprise Institute has petitioned Secretary Perry to change the rules to allow faster dishwashers.

If you’re tired of waiting hours for your dishes to get clean and dry, tell that to Secretary Perry using the form below. If he hears from enough people like you, he’ll act.

If you want faster dishwashers, get your comments in by June 25!

Note: You MUST enter your FULL NAME, and you MUST include a comment, even if it’s very short.