Put a Cork in Unscientific Alcohol Guidelines

If there was ever a time when we need non-biased and fact-based information on drinking, this is it. So why are DC bureaucrats arbitrarily changing their definition of “moderate consumption” for men from up to two drinks per day to only one?
This new recommendation from the Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee (DGAC) reverses decades of scientific guidance. 

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Most of the studies included in the DGAC’s own scientific review protocol support maintaining the current guidelines. The Dietary Guidelines are required by law to be based on the preponderance of the evidence, yet the DGAC has clearly failed to meet this standard. While their report cites more than 160 studies, only one examines the differences between consuming one vs two drinks per day. 
Five Harvard Medical School professors slammed the new proposal, calling it a "limited, arbitrary, and unsystematic treatment of alcohol consumption" based on "limited, arbitrary, and unsystematic evidence." Three of these professors served on prior DGACs and have found no change in the scientific evidence to support this dramatic policy shift. America’s nutrition policy cannot be guided by unsound science and recommendations that ignore the majority of the evidence.
At this point, the DGAC is only talking about changing the guidelines, not the law. But, these official guidelines may empower and embolden overzealous lawmakers and power-hungry bureaucrats. This could easily snowball into other regressive policies that hurt consumers, retailers, bars, and restaurants.
This type of nanny state behavior is hardly unprecedented. As Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg banned sodas that he deemed too large. Now, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is using COVID-19 as an excuse to demand that restaurants and bars can only serve alcohol if the customer also orders a substantial meal along with it.
Excessive drinking is a problem, but so is excessive government intrusion into our lives. Bureaucratic rules guided by fear and aspirational views of public health, rather than science and evidence, will open the door for even more unnecessary government overreach.
As progressives have continued to seize every opportunity to control more and more of our lives, the Trump Administration has been slashing bad regulation and trusting Americans to make their own decisions. The Trump Administration needs to continue down this path, follow the evidence, and not implement the DGAC’s recommended beverage guidelines. 
We’re all struggling right now – maybe it’s time regulators took a deep breath and let responsible Americans have a drink…or two.

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