Stop the FDA's Smokeless Tobacco Rule!

On Obama’s last day, hundreds of “midnight regulations” were secretly filed by multiple regulatory agencies. One was the FDA’s Smokeless Tobacco Rule (21 CFR Part 1132). This proposed rule would effectively ban smokeless tobacco made in America. It was proposed in secret, so you might miss the chance to make your voice heard.

Don’t let unelected bureaucrats subvert democracy and kill thousands of American jobs! Submit a formal comment to the FDA right now. Tell them to stop the Smokeless Tobacco Rule!

From this page, you'll be taken to the FDA's formal comment page, where you'll be asked to write out your comment. 

When you submit your comment, be sure to respectfully let the FDA know how you feel about this new regulation being proposed in the waning hours of a departing administration. Tell them that any new rule needs to be taken through the normal rulemaking process, to let Americans to share how it would impact them. Be sure to point out that no good rule should have to be hidden from the public. Tell them that the formal rulemaking process exists to protect you from burdensome regulation. 

Submit a formal comment right now!