Support the Trump Administration's Asylum Reforms!

America has always been a generous nation, ready to help innocent people escape persecution and death and start a new life in safety and freedom.

But for YEARS, countless people from across the globe have abused our BROKEN asylum laws to ILLEGALLY enter the country, putting our national security at risk. 

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America has been and should always be ready to assist innocent people facing religious persecution, political targeting, and even DEATH by cruel governments. 

But letting ILLEGAL immigrants take advantage of our generosity is unacceptably DANGEROUS. 

Furthermore, illegal crossers are overwhelming the asylum system, making it almost IMPOSSIBLE for those in real danger to get through the backlog and reach safety!

President Trump's reforms would adopt the same rules as Canada and European nations, cracking down on abuse by illegal immigrants while still ensuring REAL asylum-seekers can escape certain death.

But the UNHINGED Left is determined to BURY these reforms. And without your support, they'll succeed!

Submit a formal comment to the Trump administration right now. Tell them you SUPPORT fixing our broken asylum system TODAY! 

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