Tell the FCC to Roll Back Obama's Internet Takeover!

In 2015, Obama’s liberal cronies on the FCC forced a government takeover of the Internet on the American people. These liberal lackeys put crippling rules and regulations on the Internet, killing good paying American jobs and preventing you from enjoying a better, faster Internet.

President Trump has pledged to undo Obama’s liberal regulatory legacy. That’s why his new FCC Chairman Ajit Pai wants to undo these Obama Internet regulations, making the Internet freer, faster, and better for you.

That’s why I’m asking you to submit a formal comment to the FCC today. Tell them you support the rollback of Obama’s Internet takeover!

When you submit your comment, be sure to respectfully let the FCC know you support a free and open Internet. Tell them that Obama's governement takeover of the Internet was a mistake. Tell them you support the rollback of Title II regulations!

Submit your comment right now!